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Descendants of Alexander Wheatley

Alexander WHEATLEY*
Born:  23 December 1757, Martin Co., NC
Died:  31 October 1834, Weakley Co., TN
Married:  July 1781, Pitt Co., NC
Father:  Thomas (or Samuel)** WHEATLEY, Pitt Co., NC
Mother:  Mary ?

Spouse:  Peggy STOKES
Born:  05 September 1766, Pitt Co., NC
Died:  08 April 1850, Weakley Co., TN


1.  Pierce Stokes WHEATLEY
Born:  24 July 1782
Died:  18 August, 1855, TN

2.  Benjamin WHEATLEY
Born:  Abt. 1784

3.  Alexander WHEATLEY
Born:  Abt. 1786

Born:  Abt. 1788

5.  Marcus WHEATLEY
Born:  1789

6.  Thomas R. WHEATLEY
Born:  1790, NC
Married:  1815, Maury Co., TN
Spouse:  Milly Francis JOHNSON


7.  Samuel WHEATLEY
Born:  1799
Died:  12 June 1868, Maury Co., TN
Married:  1824, Maury Co., TN

Spouse:  Elizabeth Kilcrease HAYS
Born:  1796
Died:  05 October 1859, Maury Co., TN


8.  Alfred WHEATLEY
Born:  1807
Died:  1896, Dyer Co., TN

Spouse:  E.N.?
Born:  1832
Died:  1922, Dyer Co., TN

9.  Elizabeth WHEATLEY
Born:  1811
Married:  1826
Spouse:  George DAVIS


*Alexander WHEATLEY may be the great-uncle of William (Billy) WHEATLEY.  Dorris Henson ( has been researching this connection for many years.

(from an email from Jeanette Piekenbrock):

Rev. Pension of Alexander Wheatly #102 North Carolina, 1832  Age 72  on
December 23 last.
Served as a private under Capt. Hardy.  In 1775 he enlisted but his father
thinking him too young sent a substitute, later in the year he volunteered
under Capt. Richard Reeves and Gen. Caswell, a Sargt. in Capt. Spain's Co.
battle of Camden.
He stated Capt. Stafford, William Wheatly and Drury Rogers with whom he
could vouch for his service.

In October 1842 Peggy Wheatly a resident of Weakly Co. Tenn, age 75, stated
she married July 1781 and was 15 years old the following Sept. m. in Pitt
NC, maiden name Peggy Stokes.  Alexander was born in Martin Co. NC and died
Wheatly Co. Tenn (?) October 31, 1834.  Aff: by Silas Bennett who knew both
North Carolina.

Benton Co. Tenn 1846.  Sarah Wheatly age 80 years stated she was well
acquainted with Peggy Wheatly.  She married William a younger brother of
Alexander, also Catharine Cherry knew Alexander before his marriage as she
lived in Martin Co. NC also a sworn statement from Sabina Wheatly age 45
Geo Davis.

I, Mrs. Feliz B. Hays do hereby certify that the foregoing is an exact copy
record of Alexander Whatly that was sent to me by Janye G. Pruitt, Compiler
Rev. War Pension Applications of South Carolina.

Dated this 16th day of August 1948 at Franklin, Tennessee
Subscibed and sworn to before me this 16th day of August 1948 at Franklin,
Williamson Co., Tennessee.
Frances A. Cobbs, Notary Public.  Comm. expires 1-10-5?.


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