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Letter to Jennie Kay Wheatley from Her Father, Alex Scott (Matt) Wheatley

McKinney, Texas
Sept. 17, 1932

Dear Kay,

Tomorrow your birthday forty one years ago tomorrow you saw the light of day at Uncle Bob McLarry's three miles north of McKinney Texas.  Oh how happy I was.  I remember I an (sic) Uncle Bob was gathering corn I remember I come to the house every load of corn to see you and mother.  Oh how happy I was then.  There has been lots of changes since then; I am still happy.  I am happy for this I no (sic) I am a child of the Lord.  I am saved and I am ready to go when the time comes (thank god for the radio.)  Me and Mother both pray for you all every day.  Kay, Lay it on your children and Jim heart that awful days is coming so tell them to be ready; I have nothing to send you but a prayer so may god bless you all, hope you all are well.  Some days I am bitter and then some days I don't see how I can live.  So pray for me and may god bless you all.  Oh how I would like to send you all something but haven't got anything now; may god bless you.

Papa and Momma

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