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REED Genealogy

William H. REED*
Born:  Unknown, Mississippi
Died:  1871

Spouse:  Margret BURROW
Born 7 Jul. 1833, TN or SC
Died:  4 Apr. 1899, Farmer, Crosby Co., TX
Buried:  Old Emma Cemetery, Crosby Co., TX


*Notes:  According to biography of Margret BURROW REED, William H. REED was a native of Mississippi and came to Texas about the time it was admitted to the Union (this would be about 1846).  He served on the frontier during the Civil War, returned home in ill health and died in 1871.  He was an orphan and did not know the history of his family.

Margret came to Texas in 1889, according to this biography.  Filling in the gaps, I believe she must have lived in Texas prior to her husband's death, perhaps went to her family in TN after he died, and returned to Texas in 1889.

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