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Thomas (or Samuel?) WHEATLEY#
Born:  1705
Died:  Unknown
Spouse:  Mary ?


1.  Thomas WHEATLEY
Born:  1730
Died:  1780
Spouse:  Mary GAINER

2.  Alexander Hamilton WHEATLEY
Born:  23 December 1757
Died:  31 October 1834
Married:  July 1781
Spouse:  Peggy STOKES
Children:  Thomas, Pierce, Alex Jr., Marcus, Sam, John, Benjamin, Alfred, Elizabeth

3.  William Wheatley, Sr.
Born:  Abt. 1760
Died:  Unknown
Married:  1785
Spouse:  Sarah ?



#According to Dorris Owens Henson (, the father of Alexander Wheatley and possibly William W. Wheatley was named Thomas Wheatley.  She states that in 1788 Thomas and Mary Wheatley signed over their home place with 600 acres and slaves to William W. Wheatley to take care of them.  Thomas died around 1789 and Mary was listed in the 1790 census of Pitt Co., NC.  According to Wil Christopher (, the father of Alexander and William W. was named Samuel.

+We believe that the great uncle of William W. WHEATLEY was Alexander WHEATLEY, b. 23 December 1757 in Martin Co., NC, d. 31 October 31, 1834 in Weakley Co., TN.  However, we have not yet definitively established this link.  Dorris Owens Henson ( has done extensive work attempting to prove this link.  Alexander WHEATLEY'S descendents are listed on World Family Tree CD #3, Pedigree #5737.

* The obituary of Alex Scott (Matt) Wheatley as printed in the Weekly Democratic Gazette of McKinney, Texas lists his father as Jim Camp WHEATLEY of Danville, TN.  Alex Scott (Matt) WHEATLEY's death certificate lists his father as James K. WHEATLEY.  His mother's name on the death certificate is illegible, but the last four letters seem to be "ulda".  Birthplace on the death certificate is listed as TN.  Other information from the obituary leads us to believe that his father was James Knox WHEATLEY, including information about his father's record of public service.

** One biography of James Knox WHEATLEY lists his wives as #1 Malinda J. HALL, with children Duncan, Matt, John, George, and Alexandra, and #2 Roxalina GROSS, with children Samuel Pierce and Adda Luter.  This biography also lists children from Roxalina's previous marriages as Henry LINDSEY, Belinda, and James GROSS.  The biography of William W. Wheatley lists the spouses of James Knox WHEATLEY as #1 Mahulda HALL (no children listed); #2, Malinda J. ?; #3 Roxilina WYNN LINDSEY GROSS.  Children listed in this biography are:  Duncan, Matt, John F., George, Bell, Addie, Pierce.  Pierce is probably the brother mentioned in the obituary as Perry in TN.

Yet another source (from the Tennessee State Archives listing of State Legislators) lists spouses for James K. Wheatley as #1 Malinda J. ? with children W. D., Belona, Dillard, John F., G. G., and E. F., and #2 L. E. Phifer with no issue.  Based on census information and other biographies, we believe this particular biography is seriously flawed, and that most of the information referring to spouses and children is erroneous.

***We believe that the "Mrs. Bill Stogner" referred to in Alex Scott WHEATLEY's obituary is Belle Donia (Belinda GROSS?) WHEATLEY, whose spouse was Newt Stagner.  Newt was first married to Gildora WHEATLEY.

****The 1880 Benton Co., TN census gives the following listing:

Wheatley, James K., white, age 49, married, farmer, literate, born TN, father & mother both born in NC
Wheatley, Roxalina, white, age 38, wife, keeping house, unable to read or write, born TN, both parents born TN.
Wheatley, John Frank, white, age 19, son, worker on farm, literate, in school
Wheatley, George (illegible), age 16, son, worker on farm, literate, in school
Wheatley, Alexandra, age 11, son, laborer, literate, in school
Wheatley, Pearce, white, age 7, son, in school, unable to read or write
Wheatley, Adda Luter, white, age 5, daughter, in school, unable to read or write
Lindsey, Henry, white, age 19, stepson, laborer, in school, literate
Gross, Belinda, white, age 13, stepdaughter, help keep house, in school, literate
Gross, James, white, age 11, stepson, laborer, in school, literate

++I have some question as to whether Belle Donia WHEATLEY was actually Belinda GROSS, the stepdaughter of James Knox Wheatley.  I cannot find a Belle Donia listed in the census information.


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