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William W.  Wheatley Biography

Source:  Benton County Tennessee Families and Histories, 1836-1986


William W. (Billy) Wheatley, son of William and Sarah Wheatley, was born in Martin County, NC on Aug. 9, 1805.  About 1829 he married Mary Ann Cherry, born June 29, 1811 in Martin County, NC.  Their children were:  James Knox, Sarah, William H., Catherine, Louisa Adeline, John C., Mary Ann (Polly), Winfield S., Caladonia H., Franklin Pierce.

James Knox, born Oct. 26, 1830 Humphrey  County, married Mahulda Hall*.  His second marriage was to Malinda J.?, his third marriage to Roxilina Wynn Lindsey Gross.  His children Duncan, Matt, John F., George Bell, Addie Pierce.  James Knox died Apr. 2, 1888 and is buried in Wheatley Cemetery, Benton Co.

Sarah was born Nov. 23, 1831 Benton County.  She marriued Sept. 15, 1853 to Harrell Nobels, born Jan. 15, 1825.  Their children:  Millie Adeline, Zina, America J., Billy, John, Nellie, Lester, Florence, Bell Penelope.  Sarah died Mar. 16, 1885, buried in Wheatley Cemetery.  Harrell died Mar. 3, 1902, buried McRae's Chapel Cemetery.

William H. was born Sept. 7, 1836.

Catherine was born Jul. 5, 1838, died Aug. 23, 1876.  She was buried in Wheatley Cemetery.  She was an invalid.

Louisa Adeline was born Sept. 26, 1840.  She married William (Billy) Garner.  They had one son Thomas N. Garner.  Louisa Adeline was buried Wheatley Cemetery.  She died about 1860.

John C. Wheatley was born Feb. 5, 1843.

Mary Ann (Polly) was born Mar. 27, 1845, married on May 22, 1863 Moses Simaon [sic] Parker.  Children:  Walter, Homer, Mary, Sacramiller, Callie, Lillian, Daisy.  Mary Ann (Polly) died Nov. 12, 1915.  Buried in Wheatley Cemetery.

Winfield S. was born May 1, 1847.  No other information.

Caladonia was born Mar. 11, 1850, married on Mar 25, 1873 to James S. Williams.  Caladonia died Aug. 19, 1876.  Buried in Wheatley Cemetery.

Franklin Pierce Wheatley was born Oct. 9, 1857, married on Sept. 10, 1873 to margaret Ann McNeill.  Their children:  Mary and Eliza (twins), Jesse William, Allie.  Franklin Pierce Wheatley and Margaret Ann Wheatley are buried in Wheatley cemetery.

William W. Wheatley reared his family in the Sulphur Creek Community of Benton County.  He was a farmer and owned several acres of land in the Sulphur Creek Community.

William W. Wheatley died Apr. 26, 1885 and his wife, Mary Ann Cherry Wheatley, died Mar. 5, 1863, both are buried in the Wheatley Cemetery, in the Old Seventh District of Benton County.

*A biography of James Knox Wheatley lists his spouses as #1 Malinda J. Hall and #2 Roxilina Gross.
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