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Brinkman (Brinkmann) Family

Born Abt. 1873, Washington Co., TX
Died:  Unknown
Burial:  Unknown
Married:  Unknown

Spouse:  Mitlinnc (?Nutlinnc, Mittinnc) SHULTZ
Born:  Washington Co., TX
Died:  Unknown
Burial:  Unknown


 I have been unable to determine for certain if F. A. BRINKMAN, Agnes BRINKMAN, and Fred BRINKMAN were definitely part of this BRINKMAN family.  A letter from my aunt Mildred BRINKMAN lists the F. A. Brinkman children as:  Gus, Henry, Ed, Eugene, August, Adolph, Edith, Herminia, Wilaminia, Mary, and Viola.  However, a biography of Gus BRINKMAN states that he was the eldest of 14 brothers and sisters.  A picture of shows Mary and Agnes together, leading me to believe they were sisters.  There is also the issue of the unnamed male child born in 1917 to F. A. and Mittinnc BRINKMAN above and buried in the Birdsong cemetery.  The death certificate for this child is the only source of a name for F. A. BRINKMAN's spouse, and her first name is difficult to decipher.

I have yet to locate F. A. Brinkman in the census records for Burleson Co.

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