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Hunn Genealogy

Dr. Anthony HUNN, Sr.*
Born:  Before 1770, Saxony, Germany
Died:  October 1834, Garrard Co., TN
Buried:   Unknown

Spouse #1:  Sarah Catherine Wise
Born:  Unknown
Died:  Mercer Co., KY, Date unknown
Married:  Unknown


Spouse #2:  Theresa PEACH
Married:  4 Oct. 1827



*I believe Anthony HUNN, Sr., may have had a brother, John HUNN, who also emigrated to KY.  John HUNN married Rebecca PARR on 9 Oct. 1798, and died 5 Feb. 1838.  His children were Sarah, Agnes, Anthony, Jemima, and Howsen.

Anthony HUNN, Sr., was also the author of a poem mentioned in the Wisconsin Historical Publications Calendar Series, Vol. II, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Draper Collection of Manuscripts as follows:

1812, Jan. 28    HUNN, Anthony.  Danville [KY.]  Letter to W[illiam W.] Worsley, Lexington.  Subscribes for the Reporter; inquires as to terms for printing his religious poem, "Sin and Redemption."  A.L.S. 1 p. Endorsed:  Danville, Anthony Hunn.

1812, Feb. 11.  HUNN, Dr. A[nthony].  Danville [KY.]  Letter to W[illiam W.] Worsley.  Sends manuscript of his poem, and gives instructions for printing it.  P.S. Relative to his writing a series of letters on medical topics.  A.L.S. 2 pp. Endorsed:  Doctor A. Hunn.


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